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July 7th, 2013, 01:25
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So nothing new there . The reason that these European governments are not helping Snowden, is because they are doing the same kinds of things that the NSA are doing. They only act shocked and morally outraged in public to look good to voters. Imagine if they go out of their way to help Snowden, and then a leaker comes forward about one of their spy programs? They would look like total buffoons.
Sounds about right.
By law (in Sweden) all communication that goes across the border is fair game for the FRA (The radio Agency of the Defence, roughly translated), that means just about all internet-traffic in Sweden and I'm sure that they spy more than that. The big Thing was that the US spied on the top levels of the EU, that's crossing the line. Imagine if a country in Europe had installed a bug in the oval office, what kind of uproar could we expect then.

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