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July 8th, 2013, 19:40
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Ironic that the folks that are totally stunned by this government overreach are the same folks that make fun of people worried about government overreach.
In Germany, people still remember the negative consequences of the state spying on it's people, first through the Gestapo and then, in the East, the Stasi. No sane person would support an armed uprising here, though. I guess Vladimir Lenin put it nicely: "Revolution in Germany will never work! If they wanted to storm a train station, they would buy tickets for the platform first." On the other hand, people are afraid of both petty criminals and any radical groups having easy access to firearms, and therefore strongly support gun control. I guess in this respect, I am for once typically German.

You are right, though: irony or not, for once I am with the conspiracy theorists*!

*Just joking. I do believe many libertarian positions are quite logical.
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