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July 10th, 2013, 18:48
Sure there are. Absenthe is banned in California, the drinking age is 21 (though pressure from the feds makes that a gray one) and the BAC limit is 0.08. Additionally, California has plenty of open-container and public intoxication ordinances like most states.

Here is a list of California state law about drugs:

You can keep blaming the bible thumpers if you want, but you're ignoring the fact that bible thumpers don't control many states that have strict drug and alcohol policies. Those states could repeal their own laws on the subject, but they choose not to because support for these laws draws from both sides of the political fence, though often for different reasons.

The reason the state laws are important to the discussion of police abuse is that state and local police cannot arrest someone solely for violating a federal law. Now they certainly can turn someone over to the feds if what they did violates both or a federal offense becomes apparent during the course of another investigation. This is the reason Sheriff Joe in Arizona lost out on his attempts to clamp down on illegal immigration. He simply did not have jurisdication (and why Arizona tried to make their own law on it to grant that jurisdiction).


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