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July 15th, 2013, 19:26
Besides any kind of political agenda they may or may not have in the case, just like anything they're very eager to stir up shit and make some news. Come on, dont let us down. Let's get rioting so we can fly around in helicopters shooting footage of burning buildings. It's pure exploitation, just as much as any blaxploitation film made in the 70's was.

Their problem is that, much to their chagrin, as time goes on real everyday people are caring less and less about this "racist boogeyman" that is being constantly thrown at them as some kind of omnipresent threat. Sure, the race industry and MSM keeps cranking away and riling people up. Sure theyre going to focus on angry mobs. But when the rubber hits the road, I dont think black america as a whole is in thrall to this kind of obsessive racist thinking anymore. Angry welfare ghetto mobs are gonna do what angry welfare ghetto mobs are going to do, theyre hopeless and clueless anyway. Liberal race obsessors are gonna do what theyre gonna do. But mainstream law abiding tax paying black america that gets up and works 9-5 like everyone else are not simply following the script anymore. Some of the most beloved public figures in this country are black, black culture is idolized, we have a black president elected by white people.

I think people realize this is a new age, and the news just hates that because it's bad for business. The race hustlers realize that, and it's bad for business, but it's the truth.

White liberals get more stirred up about this far more than the average black person in this country, quite frankly.
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