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July 16th, 2013, 07:21
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We have one man's testimony to that account. No corroboration. No facts.

EDIT: One person did see them fighting. But no one saw who initiated the fight.
Yeah that 6 year old "he started it!" stuff doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if he were a racist either.

There are facts and I stated them. He was seriously beaten, that's a fact. Martin was untouched, another fact.

That should have been enough to mean he was let go and no case was made. The idea someone would start a fight and get his ass seriously beaten in order to just shoot some random guy is laughable beyond needing a response yet this is the only argument against him.

The point is none of these are facts, it's just made up conjecture, and more laughable than most. There's simply no case and there should have been no trial.

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We do know as a fact that Zimmerman and his wife are liars, and shouldn't be trusted.
Yeah and again more 6 year old reasoning. Especially when the judge was outraged that THE FUND FOR THEIR DEFENSE wasn't able to be completely destroyed by the bail bond amount. What kind of justice is that? Obviously the court did its level best to rig the result to popular opinion but failed anyway due to jurors not being total tards.
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