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July 16th, 2013, 22:17
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What a crock of shit. Not sure how anyone can justify beating people up on the streets of LA over a jury verdict in Florida. MLKJr is probably rolling in his grave at the mockery these clowns are making of civil rights protests.
Simple, because they are racists. They would have secretly been thrilled if a black guy shot a white thug and would have stood up for him.

The only way I can see there are so many supporters on the net is that they don't know what they are dealing with. There's millions of little thugs of all races running around in the USA, if you have to deal with it yourself a while you won't fall for the BS.

It was no nazi plot by a mexican nazi (lol), just another thug beating an innocent like happens 10,000 times a day in the USA. But this one had a gun he eventually managed to pull out. Truly, a happy ending.

Somewhere people seem to fail in their ethics today is to think that if someone is even partially "in the wrong" they deserve any bad that befalls them. You are with me or against me. People didn't used to think like this.

But thankfully legally speaking things don't work like that. You can't beat someone nearly to death because they annoyed you, and if you do you could go to jail or get shot and it's all on YOU. IE yes you actually have to have self control and are responsible for your actions, no matter how much you don't like someone.
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