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Default Ubisoft cares for frachises only

July 16th, 2013, 23:32
The source is not GameBanshee but an interview here:…kbuster-world/

In short, Ubisoft will concentrate only on stuff they can make a franchise from. They don't want to make (risk) a new IP that will never get a sequel or spin-off even if successful or in other words, if Jade Empire was published by them, we'd finally see another JE. If they were behind KoToR, hell, we'd see KoToR 5 already.

I can't care less for Watch Dogs, but FC3 and the silly spin-off were something that'll make me buy FC4 for sure. HoMM6 was fun, I'll buy HoMM7 too no matter the sad story behind it. And if JDR blesses AC3, hell, I could try that one too. If mobs don't respawn ofc.

But is it really good? I don't see how thousands of Nancy Drew games are positive for the adventure genre. Don't we need more variety?
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