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July 20th, 2013, 04:51
If there is a way to license the Silent Storm engine, that's the way we will research, and then modify a few things here and there. Anyone have any contacts at Nival or Strategy Core?

If not, a somewhat similarly capable engine would be the goal. And there are more engines then Unity available to work with, some built on C++.

The Blender game engine is written in C++

Panda3D engine could be accessed using C++

Irrlicht engie is written in C++

Nebula Device engine is written in C++

Crystal Space Engine is written in C++
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Silent Storm is a very good game IMOP. So you are going to replicate that engine in HD with 2 programmers from scratch, in C++? Good luck. But why not give yourself a headstart - check this out:…HBdOu-JGSZ39vS
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