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July 22nd, 2013, 14:04
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All that science bullshit is just useless.

As for the story of course it does, try to get into harvard if you are asian.

This is stuff you can just look up. But IQ doesn't mean anything. Brain genes that cause you to not recycle neurotransmitters properly so they build up and make you an emotional wreck don't mean anything.

And it's not "black people" but simply people. Sorry but you just don't even get what racism is or how obviously racist you are.

Correlation is what we like to call "evidence" in scienceland. It's not "proofs" but proofs are only valid in the maths. When you have a strong correlation and you have a mechanism of action and you have nothing that proves it wrong then it becomes accepted scientific theory, which is what this is. It's not a link to stormfront, this is just what wikipedia says. If someone who hates the idea of genes affecting people (lol) could disprove it then they would have by now, but guess what people are no different from cows or dogs in that they are physical beings not creatures of spirit or whatever they'd have to be for your thinking to make the least bit of sense.

I mean if a bad childhood led to crime how many germans and japanese would be serial killers? 150%? That's just a joke so don't get your RHM mantra going again.

East asians don't have the warrior gene very often, central asians do. And central asians are horrible with crime as well, in proportion to how frequently it occurs. So-called "hispanics" are a mix of euros natives and africans and they aslo commit violent crime in proportion to the frequency of this gene they have. What a coinkidink.

The idea here isn't to persecute anyone, but to exonerate. No, you don't just become a violent criminal, you can have that predisposition from birth.
Once again (I expect this needs to be repeated around 10-12 times) - no one is saying genes aren't affecting people.

We're saying you can't establish with any kind of certainty how these genes affect actual behavior - or to what degree they're involved in any given criminal.

You can detect a correlation between certain defects or "genes" and violent behavior - but only in the most general sense. You have no idea if those genes are the only difference - and you certainly have no idea what to do about it.

You're saying "all criminals are bad" - and yet you're trying to convince people they're born that way.

That's just as bad as being a racist bigot - which you like to claim everyone is.

Again - if people are born bad, then why do they deserve punishment? Is that what you consider fair and just?

It's not clear and it's not "accepted scientific theory" that murderers are born murderers.

That's your own personal pet theory with absolutely no tangible "evidence" to back it up.
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