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July 22nd, 2013, 14:55
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But if you compare only violent crime this goes away, because black crime is many times more likely to be violent. All this means is the cops pursue violent crime more vigorously.
If someone is looking for and counting black rocks in a bucket and then you ask how many white or blue rocks there were, they will have no idea, and might not even remember seeing any blue rocks.

The reality of American history - and frankly, this is something you should at least agree with - is that our power structure made sure that everyone was taught that 'white = good, black = bad'. I mean, hats in movies, cats, etc.

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So basically it's the same YOU ARE A RACIST HOMOPHOBE MISOGYNIST BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME!!! And a holocaust denier now, too. Dude, you need to take a sedative. If you truly think whole groups can be racist that's a racist thought. You are a racist. You are the one with issues, not me.
Actually you again misunderstand me - my frustration is your complete lack of an acknowledgement of systemic racism as a foundational element in the entirety of AMerican history. Does that mean ALL Americans are racist? Absolutely not - as you DO note, you cannot assign a characteristic that describes a group to every member of that group. I mean, do we think all whites in the slave south were racist? No. That all in non-slave north were not racist? Again no. But sociology and human behavior and 'big data' allow for general descriptors of the way masses move over time. And while white on black racism is a diminishing factor, it is still a large factor in our country. Denying that is ignoring our history and the reality of the human condition.

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And yes he did say racist homophobe misogynist like that all together for no reason.
No, I said it - and NOT to you - for someone who was tossing derogatory gender and sexual-orientation terms around as they noted justification of pursuing someone based on the color of their skin. Therefore my description in that case was accurate.

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