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July 22nd, 2013, 15:29
You guys are never going to see eye to eye on this one. Better to agree to disagree and move on…

I do have a question for Thrasher and txa1265:

Do you or have you ever lived in an area with a high concentration of black people? If not, then your opinion doesn't carry much weight.

Personally, I grew up in NJ, and didn't start dealing with lots of blacks until I moved down South (Durham, NC for 2 years, Northern Atlanta suburbs, GA for 14+ years). I must say that it has been an eye-opening experience. When I first moved down South, I was pretty empathetic to the plight of blacks, but not so much anymore. Most black people I've encountered massively reinforce ghetto stereotypes. It's so bad that I consider calling someone "black" to be an insult. I call the non-stereotypes, "dark-skinned", instead (you can't fault someone for their skin color). I'll never forget one day when an African guy that I used to work with asked me:

"Why is it that I can talk to your people…the white people…I can have a civilized discussion…but, my people, they are animals!!!"

Was he a "racist"? Or is he a person who can reach conclusions based on personal experiences? I explained to him that they are not his people, and he shouldn't insult himself. The fact is that blacks are masters of scuttling their own ships.

I'm fully aware of the racist history of this country. It is absolutely despicable!!! However, the colonists and later citizens were exploitive of everything. They murdered the natives, stole their land, discriminated against Asians (Angel Island/Internment). Basically, they fucked over everyone they could for personal gain. These other groups have, for the most part, gotten past this and thrived. Blacks are incapable of this. They dwell in the past, accept no responsibility for their actions, and destroy everything they touch. Furthermore, they view themselves as saints. If Africans had the steel weapons, armor, and galleons, then they would have enslaved the Europeans. Exploitation is a human problem, which is color-blind.

As far as DArtagnan is concerned, all I can say is that without living in an area in the US with a high concentration of blacks, you can't really comment on the situation. You can read all the articles on the subject, but you really need to experience it first hand to understand. Trust me, you should stay in Denmark.

To me, true racism means that you can't stand someone based solely on their skin color/ethnicity. Having bias against thuggish-looking/acting vermin hardly applies. I consider that to be survival instincts and street smarts.

Your mileage may vary, but that is my 2 cents…
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