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July 22nd, 2013, 15:39
I asked for a reality check from you and JDR earlier, as reasonable people … I will try again.

Can we agree that racism and the abhorrent treatment of black people is as fundamental an American trait as 'baseball and Apple pie'?

I mean, we have ownership and demonstrably sub-human treatment, followed by legal second-class status, followed by legal inferior and separate accommodation, and only within our lifetime have we had the beginnings of equal treatment under law. None of that is open for debate, really - that is just history.

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You keep spouting this nonsense. Please offer any sliver of objective proof that Zimmerman was racially motivated. There's only one guy that can truly answer that, and he's not talking a whole lot. But, by all means, join Thrasher in the mind readers' club and ejimakate us racists.
OK, a few things:

- We cannot PROVE that Zimmerman was racially motivated - nor can we prove he was NOT. Therefore please stop calling it 'nonsense' - it is a matter of reasonable dispute.
- We know he singled out Martin to pursuit based on his appearance - not necessarily skin color, but because he decided Martin 'looked suspicious'.
- HOWEVER, have the 911 recordings which have him use terms like 'them', 'that type', 'those people' and so on.
- THEREFORE it is at least inferentially true that he was grouping Martin with a larger stereotype and associating that with guilt. While we cannot directly state that it was skin color, there is strong circumstantial evidence at this point.
- There is also some potential evidence (in dispute based on clarity of background from 911 call) of Zimmerman using racial slurs against Martin at some point in the incident.

Again, not proof - but we have someone who pursued based on appearance, used terminology that ascribed negative grouping factors to an individual, and finally the use of racial slurs. The evidence is fairly strong that there was at least some racial motivation in the pursuit of Martin.

Which is different from the *killing* of Martin, just to be clear. And honestly, my issue with Martin's killing is much more about our pathological gun-nut culture than about racism.

— Mike
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