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July 22nd, 2013, 16:56
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As far as DArtagnan is concerned, all I can say is that without living in an area in the US with a high concentration of blacks, you can't really comment on the situation. You can read all the articles on the subject, but you really need to experience it first hand to understand. Trust me, you should stay in Denmark.
I don't need to live in all places of the world to understand something about human nature.

That's actually one of the reasons I've chosen to focus on that subject - and how our minds work, because it applies to all of us.

Unlike Mr. Genes - I believe the environment is the dominant factor when it comes to the vast majority of human beings, if we look beyond the physical traits which we all share.

This means that if you took me out of my mother's womb near my birth - and placed me in the womb of a woman living in America - I would end up a product of that environment.

If you expose people to lower-class conditions like poverty and racial bigotry - you'll breed contempt on both sides. It's not a wise thing to do, but human beings are not known for their wisdom. At least, not if you ask me.

To me, true racism means that you can't stand someone based solely on their skin color/ethnicity. Having bias against thuggish-looking/acting vermin hardly applies. I consider that to be survival instincts and street smarts.
Racism is the inability to accept your own ignorance about another race or ethnic group.

We fear the unknown - and it's easier to condemn it than it is to understand it.

It's very human and it happens to us all - we just don't all realise how natural it is. It takes an effort to accept that we're basically the same - and that foreign ways are not bad or good. They're just ways.

We're all weak and ignorant, and it's useless to blame us for being who we are.

We can but try to minimize harm and maximize how we benefit. It's all anyone can do, and some people are not given the means with which to benefit a whole lot.
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