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July 23rd, 2013, 17:11
I tend to get quite a few requests for advertising. Part are about MMO's and part aren't even related to RPGs. I used to respond to all of them, but as they keep on sending me similar requests over an over, I don't bother anymore.
I've made some rules on what to look in to and what to discard.
  • If the mail address is not from the company/organization (claiming to be) sending the mail, I throw it away. So anything with a gmail account is out as they are often just spam.
  • If it is not about a RPG or close to it, but looks serious I respond that it is not for us.
  • If it is about a MMO I respond that I doubt we are the right group of people to target. We do have MMO players amongst us, but most of use just stick to single player RPGs.
So I should have responded to your messages. If not than that's a mistake from my side, sorry about that. If you still want to run an ad on RPGWatch about your MMO and are aware of rule number 3, send me a message again.

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