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July 30th, 2013, 15:44
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In World War 2 women had to work because the men had to go to war. After the war, women continued to work and men started working again. The outcome?:

1. Higher housing prices because households had more money.
2. No more stay at home moms.
3. Children with special needs dont have mothers looking after them.
4. Mass murderers are on the rise.

We are powerless to stop this.
Stay at home moms were still pretty common into the 80's. My mom was one (I was born in '75). Today it seems pretty rare though (my wife is chomping at the bit to go back to work despite only being a stay at home mom for 2 years).

I'm not sure there is a strong correlation between higher housing prices and double incomes. Maybe in some areas, but along with double incomes came a lot of other expenses that really offset the greater income:
1) child care
2) more eating out
3) second cars
4) increased clothes expenditures (need a business set of clothes for both spouses now)

Add in that we pay for things now that we didn't used (cable TV, cell phones, internet, etc.) and I'm not sure there is that much more left over to boost housing prices.

If anything housing prices have been more driven by the combination of:
1) demographics changes (in the US everyone moving from the rust belt and east coast to California, Texas and Florida)
2) Historically low interest rates on mortgages for nearly 20 years
3) Expansion of little to nothing down programs to making housing more accessible.

Cheap money has almost a 1 to 1 correlation with price increases (housing and otherwise).


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