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August 3rd, 2013, 00:24
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@dteowner "Sun Baby" by The High Violets - that's my music - very good!
The cd (To Where You Are) is quite good overall. Sun Baby is probably a bit more sludgy than most of their stuff, but it's still a reasonable representative. Kaitlyn ni Donovan has a tremendously sexy (as opposed to pretty) voice.

You might enjoy angry Lush. Fans of the band divide their career into 2 parts- pretty Lush and angry Lush. I've posted several songs from their earlier work over the years, which is pretty Lush. See how this works for you:
"Ladykiller" by Lush
(side note- check out Emma - the dark haired one - around the 2:00 mark, oops.)

Perhaps something a little more indie:
"Burst" by The Darling Buds

Can't go wrong with Danella and the boys:
"Stardust" by An April March

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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