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August 4th, 2013, 17:42
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There is no doubt that the ability to report it has gotten far better. If you look historically, there have always been a lot of these types of crimes, but they didn't have the ability to get plastered all over the news instantly coast to coast.

Take child abductions/killings. As the father of a 2yo girl, seeing them constantly on CNN makes me absolutely paranoid, but statistically, its no worse now than when my parents let me roam all over the neighborhood by myself 30 years ago.
Um, mass murderers are different to serial killers. If a person kills that many people at one time even in the past it would get reported… wouldnt it?

As for where i got the 5x number.

According to the 2010 FBI crime data, since 1980, single victim killings have dropped by more than 40 percent. While that's very good news, there's a new sobering trend: Mass murders are on the rise. This New York Times article researched the frequency of mass murders. It found during the 20th century there were about one to two mass murders per decade until 1980. Then for no apparent reason they spiked, with nine during the 1980s and 11 in the 1990s. Since the year 2000 there have been at least 26, including the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.…s-are-the-rise

I thought i posted it before? I guess not.
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