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August 6th, 2013, 22:00
Patch 1.08 - August 5th, 2013
Character: Fix missing class restrictions
Character Fix weapon damage display
Character: Fix magic item bonus
Character: Fix twohanded restrictions
Fight: Fix throwing weapon usage
Character: Animations updated
Fight: NPCs flee scene
Villages: some Markets updated
Item: Fixed ST-Belt
Fight: Fixed Opponent Portraits
Patch 1.11 - August 6th, 2013
Travel: Events Varnhome -> Daspota and Ottarje -> Daspota fixed
Travel: Random event handling improved
Event: Temple of the Nameless One event fixed
Travel-Map: Highlight of known Quest locations
Dialog: Frenja Jandasdotter fixed
Quest: Gorah fixed
Fight: Fix variable Spellrange for negative Skill values
Fight: Spell Strength selection fixed
Towns: Thorwal objects fixed
Towns: Guddasunden fixed flying NPCs
Towns: Armory rechecked, should work now for new Hetman missions
Towns: Daspota Vend Vendarrson fixed
Towns: Markets fixed
Dungeon: Activated Mine of Prem
Dungeon: Activated Mine of Upper Orken
Dungeon: made Nameless One reachable again
Character: Levelup negative attribute fixed
Character: NPC Animations fixed
Items: Tinderbox is now usable with Torch and Lamp
Dungeons: now require an active Lightsource (lighted and equipped Torch or Lamp, active Light in the Darkness spell)
Versions 1.09 and 1.10 were skipped for organisational reasons

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