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August 6th, 2013, 23:38
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The problem is that the statistics aren't clear. It's it simply that there are more people and hence there are more mass murderers, or is it that the frequency really is increasing. And if it is, what is Ute cause.

It's definitely reported more though. In the past there would be a couple of news articles,,a couple of tv news segments, etc. Note it's 24/7 love coverage coming at you from Twitter, Facebook, CNN, tv, websites, email, etc.
USA's population in 1980 has been 215 million and 2013 315 million. AND in the period comparing 1980's to 2000-2013 has been 10 fold not 5 fold like my previous assertion but that could be an anomaly.

AS for reporting, what relevance is that? As long as the crime has been recorded y the police that's what matters. Are you trying to say that mass murderers are seemingly glorified today? Interesting.
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