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August 13th, 2013, 03:46
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I think I misunderstood your usage of "psych meds". If you specifically mean anti-depressants I suppose that could be true, none of the bipolar people I know have been prescribed anti-depressants. Though the most common medication for bipolar disorder seem to be an anti-psychotic medication (based on my experience, admittedly a sample size that's to small to be statistically significant) so the "medical family" so to speak doesn't necessarily dictate usage.
Bipolar people usually need meds. They often get anti depressants. Which is not always bad but should not be given by a regular MD. In fact if you are in bipolar area a regular MD just isn't qualified to handle it but that's usually who does it.

A psychiatrist isn't necessarily going to be competent but he should be dealing with loads of bipolar people.

That's not the only example, though, just the biggest and most dangerous. There's been drs giving prozac for weightloss and all kinds of crazy reasons, sometimes leading to manic episode that involves homicide.
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