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August 18th, 2013, 17:08
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Hmm, I did have to roll back my last video driver update. It was causing all sorts of issues with stability. When I did that phyx went with it, I might hold off until nvidia has another update and then give it another go. Thanks for mentioning it.
Just update the Physx software without updating the video driver:…04-driver.html

I'm using an older driver (266.58) with my 9800GT (newer drivers break many of the older games) along with the latest Physx software and it works great.

Note: I also use the Physx Legacy Installer:…cy-driver.html
Some of the slightly older games like Two Worlds, etc will crash with the newer Physx software unless you install the Physx legacy driver.

- Install the regular Physx software first and then install the Legacy software second.
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