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August 27th, 2013, 23:36
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This is getting to be a habit recently—I agree with you, thrasher. We gain nothing playing world police in that area and stand to lose quite a bit. Worse yet, it appears the plan du jour is a typical Obummer half-ass dabbling. Dropping some bombs won't wipe out Assad and it almost certainly will accidentally wipe out some innocents, so it's lose-lose on that front. We just end up getting everyone in the region pissed off at us.

If we're going to get involved, we need to stomp with both feet. Lacking the national public will, the domestic political backing, the military force (in availability and defined goals), and any sort of stable replacement Syrian government, there's no way we can have a start-to-finish strategy developed. That's a cluster waiting to happen.
I'm no american, but I agree 100 %. Some of us euros have been once again crying out for good old U.S.A to solve this bloody mess for us. European union can only issue sanktions which are naturally quite uneffective when both sides of war don't give a damn about economic stability, market values and forth. Staying alive is the biggest worry for syrians now.

There can be no winners in that situation. If usa (and some of it's european allies) were to invade Syria, it would be a political clusterfuck. And do we really an other irak or afganistan? It seems that we have hands full with irak and afganistan etc. Doing few bombing runs and missile strike won't solve a thing. You need troops and bases on the ground.

There would be very little to gain from such action. Russia has been saying loudly that attacking there would bring only unstability to whole region and I think usa is thinking along same lines. Then again such a conflict could easily escalate over syrian borders and nobody wants that to happen. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

Terrible faith ofcouse belongs to common folk who has to suffer needlesly due to powerhungry politicians of that region. What ever rebels goal was in the begining, now the price has truly exceeded every good thing which could have been gained from removing Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Ofcouse watching the murder, rape and terror of innocent people is never easy thing to do from the sidelines and i'm sure both sides have gotten their hand dirty by now.
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