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August 28th, 2013, 14:06
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Nor any of the less active members, like Alrik.
Not that I know of. My Ranger has been in that desert with you several times, but I don't believe that he is flagged yet.

The others (of my chars) - most definitively no.

And since I'm feeling a bit "burned out" by SWTOR these times (Bioware just had an massive PR problem - they basically gave the elected Community Class Representatives of 4 classes (there are "mirror classes", meaning that 1 class on Imperial side is an mirror of another on the Republic side) an "L2P" answer, whereas the class reps of 2 other got thoughtful and well-formulated answers), I'm expecting myself to appear in DDO a bit more often in the future - especially since I still have to adapt my toons to the new Enhancements system.

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