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August 31st, 2013, 23:52
Obama seems to be doing this backwards. Now he wants a vote in Congress, which won't happen until Sept 9th at the very very very earliest, when they are back in session.

I don't understand his logic in sending warships to that area, scaring the bejezus out of Israel with lines for gas masks and now he's waiting for approval. Shouldn't the approval come first before ships were deployed? Stupid question I know. Now even if we were to do some type of strategic bombing (as they call it) Syria has almost two weeks to move it's assets near schools or areas with high population because we won't attack near civilians.

Why are we picking a fight with another country? I understand Syria is killing it's own and I know about the chemical weapons convention which Syria isn't even a part of (as far as I can see)! I understand that we should help them but we just can't help every single nation that's in need, it's impossible to solve all the worlds problems no matter how much we would like to see every country be a free democracy.

I think if we bomb Syria in any way shape or form we are in for some real issues with allies and other countries that just don't like us as much as the President thinks they do.
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