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Default Racism is natural, anti racism is not

September 4th, 2013, 02:55
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Yes. Because as we know, white racism has had no effect whatsoever on non-white people.

Poor, poor caucasians.

They were forced to free us blacks from chains after you dragged us here against our will, destroyed our families, raped our women, and demoralized our men. Dammit. Those white people should have been allowed to continue getting wealthy off our toil!!!!

Oh…and then once we "free" … we weren't really free. That just meant more terror, limited economic opportunity, lynching, Jim Crow, separate but "equal", etc… Oh and by the way, not ONE CENT of reparations for those who helped build this country for free.

So finally, some 50 years ago, we had to ask these white folks again - who mind you, had already been severely inconvenienced by abolishing slavery - to say that at least "by law" we were equal to them.

[Wanna guess if there is still equlality?]

…and that's just the story of blacks in America. Whites have dominated and oppressed non-whites all over the globe for years.

So to me, its very petty to whine over the tiny pittance of concessions you've had to make because of past mistreatment. It's not anywhere NEAR to real justice and the effect on everyday lives of individual whites is pretty much NIL.

White people still have all the wealth, all the power, and all the influence in this world.

Yep. Poor caucasians.
Not whites. The germans and nordics who ran the monarchy of england and a few rich landowners highly intermarried to them. Just be glad you didn't live in ireland, at least they didn't just kill slaves that often, slaves have value.

Mortality rate for irish coming to america was a lot higher than for slaves. 4/5 dead, many of them fighting for the north in civil war, many others doing jobs too dangerous to risk a slave on like draing swamps and working with dynamite.

Be a lot gladder that your ancestors didn't go to the middle east instead, like 90% of slaves taken from africa did. Then you wouldn't be alive at all, they simply worked them to death and killed them once they couldn't work at full speed any more.

Things can always be worse. Slavery has been something all people have suffered through, even english. They were ruled over by norman conquerors and virtually got wiped out outside of wales. And slave owning has never been limited to "white people" most of the slaves in history have been "white" or asian.
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