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September 4th, 2013, 03:32
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Be a lot gladder that your ancestors didn't go to the middle east instead, like 90% of slaves taken from africa did. Then you wouldn't be alive at all, they simply worked them to death and killed them once they couldn't work at full speed any more.
Yeah, silly me. Slavery in America was so much more pleasant and humane.

Things can always be worse. Slavery has been something all people have suffered through, even english.
American slavery was the most brutal and cruel form of slavery, period.

1. Kidnapped from home
2. Packed like animals onto boats, forced to wallow in their own filth for months.
3. Those who survived the boat trips were separated from the families
4. Loss of culture, loss of religion, loss of EVERYTHING.
5. Inability to keep families intact because slavers values only individual units. (This has ripple effects into TODAY!!!)
6. Total mental destruction and domination.

They were ruled over by norman conquerors and virtually got wiped out outside of wales.
No doubt — white people will do horrible things to each other. So what do you think that means they will do to people who don't look like them? Who they don't even consider HUMAN?

You call this whining. I call it reminding people of the TRUTH of what happened. No one considers talk about the Jewish Holocaust whining. It is a fact. It happened. And people let them tell their stories.

But let a black person in America talk about the injustice and horrors that were done to us. And then it is whining.
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