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September 4th, 2013, 05:25
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Since you brought it up, I don't hear modern Jews demanding reparations.
Didn't Germany pay restitution?

I don't hear modern Jews demanding affirmative action.
Since Jews are considered "white" in America, they don't need it. They aren't discriminated against in the same way that blacks are.

I don't hear about modern Jews calling each other himey or some such and claiming it's a term of endearment as long as they're the ones saying it.
You won't get argument from me on this and will say that blacks who continue to use the "N" word on each other are doing so because of the tremendous emotional harm and brainwashing done to them by years of slavery and mistreatment in America.

If for years all you hear from white people is the "N" word to describe who you are, then you start to believe it. It sticks around like wound — infecting further generations. Before you know the oppressive word has been incorporated into your casual speech. Because many black kids today have inferior educations — its even possible they don't even realize that we were enslaved in this country.

So they throw around the "N"-word … having zero knowledge of its context within history. Yeah, I'm not arguing with you here. It's a disgrace.

So the point you're trying to make is that Jews have taken their mistreatment better than blacks have? That we should be better behaved victims?
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