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September 4th, 2013, 11:05
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Yeah, silly me. Slavery in America was so much more pleasant and humane.

American slavery was the most brutal and cruel form of slavery, period.

1. Kidnapped from home
2. Packed like animals onto boats, forced to wallow in their own filth for months.
3. Those who survived the boat trips were separated from the families
4. Loss of culture, loss of religion, loss of EVERYTHING.
5. Inability to keep families intact because slavers values only individual units. (This has ripple effects into TODAY!!!)
6. Total mental destruction and domination.

No doubt — white people will do horrible things to each other. So what do you think that means they will do to people who don't look like them? Who they don't even consider HUMAN?

You call this whining. I call it reminding people of the TRUTH of what happened. No one considers talk about the Jewish Holocaust whining. It is a fact. It happened. And people let them tell their stories.

But let a black person in America talk about the injustice and horrors that were done to us. And then it is whining.
Just to point, that list of awful things: That's how slavery has been throughout human history, excluding some specific details (The trans-Atlantic boat trip is admittedly exceptionally long). None of that is exclusive to American slavery, slavery has always been about de-humanizing the slaves. And slavery has been an important part of almost every major pre-19th century civilization, throughout human history.

There is no question that American slavery was a terrible thing. But it's probably a good thing to realize that *you* are not a slave, and therefore you can't really play a victim. While some discrimination still exists, you do have a black president. Hard to top that one.

Worldwide, slavery is not a whites vs. others issue, and has never been. That was rather exclusive to America. Did you know that the slaves who were brought to America, were bought mainly from black slavers? Western Africa was ruled by black kingdoms, most of which had major slave populations (In some, over 50% of the population was slaves).

The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was all about blacks slaving other blacks, and then selling them to whites. Ironically, when a sizeable portion of the USA slave population was freed and returned to Africa (Liberia) in the 19th century, they slaved the locals, and kept it that way for several generations. And it's not something they culturally learnt from their American slavemasters, because the ancestors of the freed slaves had been slaving other blacks in Africa for a very long time.
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