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September 11th, 2013, 02:52
Kotaku's Jason Schreier has wrote a new opinion piece were he writes, "Baldur's Gate II Is Still One Of The Greatest RPGs Ever Made." I have to agree with him, and no I'm not wearing nostalgia goggles.

Thirteen years after release, Baldur's Gate II is still one of the best role-playing games of all time. No joke. If you consider yourself an RPG fan, this is a game you have to play.

"But wait," you are most likely thinking, ready to type out a comment about how lame I am. "This game is old! Surely it is unplayable today."

Aha. That is where you are wrong, my persnickety friend. With a couple of mods and a functioning graphics card, Baldur's Gate II is just as stellar now as it was back in 2000.

On Friday, inspired by our compilation of the best classic PC games, I fired up Baldur's Gate II for the first time in many years. I planned to spend a few minutes playing just to see if the game has aged well. Now it's Monday. The past two days are a blur of space hamsters and shadow dragons and +3 swords with extra THAC0 against orcs. I've barely slept. I can't look at a screen without twitching. I can barely even work without thinking about how I'm gonna get Minsc a better sword and go try to slay that demi-lich when I get home tonight.

The lesson of this story is, you can't just spend "a few minutes" playing Baldur's Gate II.
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