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September 13th, 2013, 01:22
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Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Even with the demo it's hard to say how much of a milestone it is. It's not the first time a demo has been released, and it's unclear to me just how much progress was really made between the current one and the one from over 15 years ago. Certainly a lot of the areas are the same.
Basically, there are two possibilities:

1) Cleve is a fraud and there isn't more to his game than what makes up the demo and the possibly soon-to-come superdemo.

2) The game is mostly done, but Cleve outright lied about the game being in a releasable state by May 2013

I believe in 2, but I realize that all kickstarters are risky ventures, even with Cleve's sketchy promise that "completion isn't subject to funding", because completion could mean anything. Though I think we really have to take into account Cleve's perfectionism, or maybe OCD, which I also genuinely believe in by now. I'm sure it's not just laziness or lack of work that's to blame for the late delivery.
Originally Posted by sakichop
So basically what people want is a game where you can play many different races having violent sex with up to 3 friends while yelling obscenities.
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