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September 13th, 2013, 08:22
Here is DTE's reply to Sacred's original post as it was intended.

Originally Posted by dteowner
There's definitely a major component of perfectionism in there. When Corwin and I got to play the 2nd beta test (subsequent to the version that leaked all over the internet, the file on my PC is dated June 2005), the game was already complete. There was one game killer bug which was corrected while we were still in beta, and several dozen minor things. Corwin completed the entire game during that beta and another tester completed it twice. Life got hold of me around then so I only managed about a quarter of the content. For whatever reason, Cleve never would let the game out. He just kept tinkering with it. Yes, the tinkering generally resulted in improvement to the overall game, but each change always led to two more that needed done. Corwin and I staunchly defended the game against all comers until a year or two ago when Cleve went apeshit on Corwin for no real reason.

It really was a very good game for fans of old skool RPG. Honest.

I can't really say how the current version of the game stacks up against that beta, but I expect it's still a very good game and unfortunately I won't be playing it (if Cleve ever lets his "child" out of the house) because the way he chose to treat one of his most solid allies was simply disgusting.

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