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Default Gears exist in nature

September 15th, 2013, 05:18…,1476077.story

"Gears may seem like a purely human invention. And yet the basic interlocking mechanism found inside grandfather clocks and car steering systems has now turned up in the remarkably powerful legs of young planthopper insects."

"A magnified photo shows cog wheels connecting the hind legs of a planthopper."

I don't know. I just can't understand people saying "evolution alone caused all current formation of present life and was unguided" when I think discoveries like prove there is a designer of sorts. Even evolution itself, being a system and like a mechanism.

In other news…

But screw all the philosophical, science and logical arguments one might produce for God. For me, the hilarity that is produced unintentionally by the human race proves God exists for me. I know we're created for the sole purpose to amuse and entertainment.

What? You thought those planets were to explore? They're just God's tv channels.
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