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September 16th, 2013, 13:09
But that creature won't survive, and it's genes won't pass on to the next generations. There is a difference between features of the species and individual creatures. The list is about features of the species.

Actually, that list is what one would expect from evolution. A feature will survive if it provides better chance of survival than the competition. It's not about achieving perfection. For a land animal going back to sea, descendants who can stay underwater longer before surfacing than their "siblings" have an advantage and will more likely spread their genes. Being able to "breathe" underwater would probably be even better, but there's no guarantee that such a creature would ever evolve. It's all about survival relative to others, and for that a suboptimal adaptation will be sufficient as long as it's better than the competition.

OTOH, if a species was designed from the ground up, choosing suboptimal features doesn't make much sense.

Whether there's a creator behind it all or not - I tend to believe there is, but if so, the mechanism chosen is evolution. IMO.

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