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September 16th, 2013, 16:52
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If you don't nitpick on a detail or two but study nature in its variety, you will discover that along with some amazing stuff it also contain a lot of examples of, judging by human standards, shoddiness.
Actually reading some of this guy's comments, i think he has no clue whatsoever on the subject. Like:

Bipedal vertebrates usually carry much of the spine roughly horizontally, and balance it with a tail. Equally, a string of cotton reels with spongy cushions between is a good cantilever bridge type design for flexible quadrupedal running. But it's a lousy thing to stand on its end and withstand the compression strains of vertical bipedalism. Compression strains are best absorbed by pillars. If you want the pillars to be flexible, you put joints in them. In biology, we have examples called 'legs'.
I am not going ot say anything here just-

The urethra — the tube via which urine exits the body — is a soft tube. And it runs through the prostate, an organ prone to infection and subsequent swelling.
Does he not know that urine is sterile?

EDIT apparently there is new research(last year) that indicates that bladders have bacteria in them, they do not know if they are beneficial or not.

EDIT 2: Not sure now. He study in question:…0409164156.htm

Also apparently you can have bladder infections through the urethra. So ok, leave that as a question mark.
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