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September 17th, 2013, 22:52
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Well, with unsupported name calling like that, I'm certainly convinced.

Back to point…

Interesting that initial news reports on the Naval Center attack talked about an AR-15 assault rifle, conveniently the same as used in Newtown. Somehow, as more facts come out, there wasn't even an assault rifle of any sort used. If the facts don't fit the narrative from the gun control fanatics, then just make it up as you go, I guess. Sad.
Um, you are the one politicizing things. Details came out, we're wrong and got corrected.

That doesn't change the fact that one of our 'heroes' who was part of our 'war on terror' and constitutionally owned weapons … Is a mass murderer. We are creating them because of our addiction to violence and war, and we ensure they are armed. That is really just a sad state of affairs, not meant to be political … But it makes for a pretty sad country for our kids

— Mike
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