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September 24th, 2013, 11:43
Just finished the last episode of Dexter.

How far the show has fallen….. I used to really love it - and I considered it a very bold and progressive show during the first few seasons.

It's true that it never got back to the peak that was season 4 - but I would never have thought it could be as bad as season 8 has been.

I invested quite a bit in Dexter after discovering it last year - and I felt I had to watch the last season almost out of loyalty.

But, as it turned out - I can only recommend watching seasons 1-4 if you're considering giving it a go. Season 5 and 7 do have some interesting episodes - but overall - the show should have simply stopped at 4.

I'm out of good TV shows now….

I haven't seen Boardwalk Empire. Is it any good? Other recommendations?
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