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Default An odd swiss initiative

October 3rd, 2013, 16:22
I don't understand german. So I can't say what's written here really:

But according to local newspaper it's about a project to create a base monthly income for everyone, no matter if they work or not.

The article is huge so I can't go translating it, but basically it describes the effects of a base income on the society - you won't tolerate crazy boss just because you need to pay bills, on the other hand the best payed jobs won't be any more those jobs that include no work at all but just a skill to torture/bully/exploit others.

Even more odd is the source of the idea, it didn't come recently from someone in Switzerland but actually was suggested to USA president Nixon by economists Milton Friedman, James Tobin, Paul Samuelson and John Kenneth Galbraith in 1968.!

Any good soul with german knowledge who could give a bit more details on this?

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