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October 7th, 2013, 22:55
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This isn't new; it's been in discussion for several years now; there are German movements who believe that this'd be a good idea as well.
Since I'm working in the social system I feel pretty confident to say that the majority of my colleagues would be in favour of such a system. Only details would have to be negotiated.

It's a huge problem that there are ca. 10 times as many unemployed people in the low end of the market than there are jobs. So chances to find a job are close to zero for an unlearned worker, but most of them still have to send out 2 applications per week (and provide proof!) or their money will be cut by 30%. The result are millions of garbage applications every week. The unemployed don't want to write them, the companies lose money through them and the social security office demands proof but doesn't have the man power to verify it.

Everybody who got in touch with this knows it is rubbish, including the people working at the social security office (and similar institutions).

Getting out of this rat race would be worth several billion Euros every year.

The obvious effects have been well explained by peko.
Other variables you could modify:
- Maybe only people who sign a contract to stay permanently away from the employment market should get citizen money ?!
- Maybe all income should be counted against the citizen money ?! At the moment a Hartz IV recipient can keep the first 100€ + 20% of everything above (until a certain limit).
- What if the citizen money is relatively low, but equal for the whole country? "I can't live for 800€ in Munich!" "Sure, but you can in Meck-Pomm!"
- How about combining it with a law forcing companies to publicly post all open jobs? More jobs, no forced applications.
- Less paper work means less public servants needed for this. Maybe resources could be used to actually help interested unemployed people find work ?!
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