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October 7th, 2013, 23:14
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You'll never get everyone to agree on the appropriate amount of money and it would be impossible to match the money to the actual cost of living (assuming you could actually agree on a formula that would account for that constantly changing number, both within and among regions, which you'd somehow have to agree to divide up in some "fair" fashion) for any given area. The bureaucracy required to "make it fair" would be even larger than the current mammoth.

All assuming that everyone wouldn't get lazy, as you noted, which I'd consider a much larger risk than you seem to.
The whole thing a complex, multi-dimensional matter.

Just a few brief points:
a) Who says citizen money would have to be "balanced" or "fair"? Maybe you want them to leave to cheaper areas ?!
a2) A floor would be easy to determine: The minimum amount of money needed for survival is known for each region in every first world country. I would start discussion at this plus 20%.
b) In certain branches there are simply less jobs than unemployed. Just think about all the production helpers whose jobs have been moved to China.
c) At the moment the mantra is "Everybody has to work for his/her own living." But is this fair for people who can't realistically hope to find a job or who have a low wage job which has to be upgraded by wellfare to survive? (Remember that certain countries, like Germany for example, don't have a minimum wage.)
d) But which politician would stand in front of a camera and demand to change the mantra to "Live a humble life with citizen money or work for more." ?!
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