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October 8th, 2013, 00:11
c) At the moment the mantra is "Everybody has to work for his/her own living." But is this fair for people who can't realistically hope to find a job or who have a low wage job which has to be upgraded by wellfare to survive? (Remember that certain countries, like Germany for example, don't have a minimum wage.)
I'm sure it varies from country to country, but at least in the US, a lot of this concept of "I can't find a job" is self imposed. Its not "I can't find a job", its more "I can't find a job doing what I was doing before for what I was being paid before."

I spent a year unemployed myself and hence spent a lot of time with other unemployed people. I was amazed at that mindset. I saw it a lot in the software industry (this was when a lot of the offshoring to India began). Most of these people 1) weren't willing to work for significantly lower wages, even if they did find a job and 2) weren't willing to invest in themselves via education and training to apply their skills to somewhere else. You still heavily in union centric areas as well.

I spent my year of unemployment working on certifications that made me a better job candidate. Many of my colleagues bemoaning how unfair life was to them.

As to the original topic, not just no, but HELL NO. People should be rewarded for their efforts.


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