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October 8th, 2013, 14:26
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No, but there could be some things I'm overlooking. I haven't finished the game yet, so maybe there are some aspects that are simply escaping me.
Either that - or people like different things for different reasons.

Nop, it just seems that the hivemind has decided Oblivion is worse than other TES games, which is actually the reason I haven't played it before. I actually read a few times that Oblivion isn't worth buying except for Nehrim, which I don't find to be true at all.
Word to the wise: Don't let other people tell you what to do.

In any case, just because most of us here prefer Skyrim or Morrowind - doesn't mean we think Oblivion isn't worth playing or checking out.

I had a great time with Oblivion - especially up until I realised how generic and broken it was. But I loved the immersion and especially the Dark Brotherhood questline.

I prefer Oblivion over Morrowind, for instance.

Why do you prefer Skyrim over Oblivion? [/mature] [and yes you can find all kinds of opinions on anything imaginable on the net ]
Some reasons:

1. Far better mechanics - as in I love the perks and the more advanced stealth system.

2. Far more variety in terms of exploration. Almost every single dungeon you enter will have a little story of its own, either through some diary, a few letters - some unique scenery and tales told through the environment.

3. Far better story presentation - as in you don't get stilted NPC dialogue in a paused-game state and there's a lot more voice actors, meaning the deja vu feeling is less of a problem.

4. FAR better technically. Much improved streaming technology, more detail in the environments, better animations, better combat feedback, and so on.

5. Dual wielding, crafting and mounted combat.

6. I love some of the music - and never found Oblivion music to work that well.

7. I love the dragons.

8. I love that some dungeons have interesting puzzles, even if most of them are way too easy.

9. I like the writing better, especially most of the NPC dialogue is more mature and less weird.

10. The Dragon Shout powers are cool toys.
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