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October 9th, 2013, 19:39
The lore is much more than that, of course, I just gave a gist, very generalized. It's not a "few comments" (underestimating, maybe? ) on human nature, I assure you. I could go on for hundreds of pages, it's that comlicated. Without much written drivel, too.

But I can see how it won't appeal to everyone, no game can.
You could go on for hundreds of pages about the lore?

Hehe, ok then.

Well, in any case - there's really no point in trying to argue back and forth about games we clearly have different experiences with.

As I said, I'm happy that people are enjoying Dark Souls - and if there's this massive amount depth of mechanics and lore that I've managed to completely overlook - I might be able to look forward to a great time in the future, once I get back to trying it out again!
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