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October 9th, 2013, 21:03
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That means that lower classes will have less appealing conditions under which to function in society - effectively exploiting them.
The problem with any attempt to change social/economic class distinctions and the such is that you will never find consensus to the question of 'what is exploitation'?

As an example, we have an admin at my firm. I doubt she makes 1/3 of what I make in base pay and she probably doesn't get much of anything in bonus. Both of our job functions are critical to our firm no doubt, but her skillset is not that rare, while mine is. Her skillset doesn't even require a college degree, but mine took nearly a decade of school.

So is she being exploited? I would say no, she's being fairly compensated (her compensation is probably in the top quarter for her job function) based on what the market requires. Others would say she is being exploited.


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