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October 12th, 2013, 09:37
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C'mon. Anyone who has spent any time with dogs knows they have emotions. Geeze. I wonder how much money this study wasted?

I thought it was pretty common understanding that emotions are a very primitive feature of brains, and is present in most if not all animals?
The study (Berns GS, Brooks AM, Spivak M: Functional MRI in awake unrestrained dogs.) was primarily about "the development of behavioral and technical methods to acquire fMRI data in fully awake, unrestrained dogs", not about showing whether dogs have feelings or not. In other words, a study of methodology quite relevant for understanding how the minds of animals wok. (sorry, I mean "work". The typo was probably a freudian slip. Woks and dogs….).

Actually, regarding the findings in the caudate nucleus and it's relation to emotion, the authors write: "the observation of caudate activation to a hand signal associated with reward is not surprising. In fact, had this not been observed, one could rightfully question the feasibility of canine fMRI"

An example of how research and research results presented in media isn't always to-the-point. Not necessarily always a fault of the news, sometimes the researchers themselves readily contribute to it.

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