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October 23rd, 2013, 10:12
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Then you should be out front of global population control. That's how you solve the CO2 problem, not pissing in the wind over fossil fuels. It's a dual-benefit too, since less people take up less space, leaving more land for plants. I'm not sure what the most effective manner to control population might be, but I expect an extended conventional war between China and India (if we're gonna throw out a crazy hypthetical, let's swing for the fences) would do the trick.
Ah, that is a fair point. The man made global climate change. The global climate change is the responsibility of all because it is the doing of all.

Evidence: everyone breathes. So breathing must be the first thing to control.

Because actually, if when you pinpoint other factors as essential, it might appear that not everyone consumes that much fossil energy. And it will no longer be a man made phenonemum.

Among humanity, there are:

-breathers that consume heavily fossil energy.

And it is a man made phenonenom. Additionally, it should also remember that consumption of fossil energy is the very same as breathing: man can not use fossil energy (as shown by stone age people) as man can not breathe. It is a matter of will.

Evidence: when people choose not to breathe long enough, the man made global climate change is solved.

Funny how some people have taken humanity as a hostage. Anything that goes must go for the whole humanity.

Man made global climate change, so curb the world population or… Blackmailing, blackmailing, blackmailing over again.
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