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October 24th, 2013, 17:58
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I would say the lesson here really has nothing to do with guns. The lesson here is that when the cops tell you to do something, it's wise to comply. Further, if the cops tell you to drop something that even remotely could be a weapon, failure to comply could be mortal stupidity. Nothing to do with guns or gun culture.
The problem is, due to the expectations (the mindset) of the police officer, the boy had no leeway for error. If the BBC description above is correct, he was strolling along, heard someone repeatedly shouting something like "Freeze! Drop the gun!" behind him, and when he was turning to see what the hell was going on, he was already dead - because the policeman had every reason to believe that a 13 year old kid could indeed have gotten hold of (e.g. his dads legally owned) an automatic weapon. That's why this ended deadly.

This exact same scenario could have occurred if we replaced the toy gun with a toy knife or a toy bow-n-arrow, but that wouldn't be nearly as useful to the campaign, would it.
I hope even in the U.S. the police would stop short of shooting someone turning around with a knife in hand (while at a still safe distance) or at shooting anyone with a toy bow-and-arrow, period.
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