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October 24th, 2013, 19:19
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Well, Mister Spokesman for the NRA, I'd say you're stacking misrepresentation on top of silly now. What is up with you these days, Mike? You used to be very reliable for some well-considered opinions, but these days you've traded it in for pointless insults and empty talking points.
I'm sorry - I was trying to be outrageous and flippant, but on my phone I can only deal with typing so much

I honestly was just saying that we have a conundrum: the extreme right IS very vocal that ANY gun control attempt is unacceptable. And at the same time we have become so militarized that a kid with a toy on the street who is simply walking to a friends house and hears a cop shouting and doesn't even register until the second time what is going on and then starts to turn and is gunned down brutally.

Can there be any real debate that we have a serious gun-based violence problem? I mean, why don't they have non-lethal solutios at hand? Also, exactly how reliable are police as witnesses? They have a very self-serving interest to make a case, and an entire legal system that will be biased to back them up.

THAT is why even as there are continued reiterations of the legality of taping police in action, that they destroy property (phones and cameras), detain innocent citizens fior filming, and occasionally beat the crap out of them. Why? Because with transparency comes accountability.

— Mike
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