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October 24th, 2013, 20:04
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So, if "returning CO2 temporarily held by plants to the system" is a completely natural part of the carbon cycle, then why would it be different burning a barrel of oil versus eating McDonalds?
Haha. Ok, create dionosaurs out of oil rather than turn it into CO2, and you might make sense. But in either case, you're off in wacko land again. Human food production sequesters the CO@ humans create. It balances out the equation. The total resulting CO2 input to the atmosphere is around zero. There is no balancing side to burning oil that ends up sequestering the produced CO2 back into Oil, unless you want to wait millions of years. Doesn't help with the short term problems. It's really not that complicated, unless you are purposely looking for excuses to be irresponsible.

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The point in all of this is that you need to think and question.
I call bullshit. Your point is to continually deny facts and experts knowledge with crazy ass notions that are untrue and make no sense, for the only reason that it fits your political views, not because you want to better understand the universe and how it works. This is how you've always been and how you always will act, as far as I can tell.
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