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October 24th, 2013, 21:25
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I call bullshit. Your point is to continually deny facts and experts knowledge with crazy ass notions that are untrue and make no sense, for the only reason that it fits your political views, not because you want to better understand the universe and how it works. This is how you've always been and how you always will act, as far as I can tell.
Not so, good man, not so. I have denied none of the information that you've presented. My stance all along has been that we have no definitive evidence whether man is 99% of the overall problem or 1% of the overall problem. Fossil fuel use is absolutely not 0% of the overall problem. About the only thing that I continually deny, to use the word slightly inaccurately, is the immediate assumption among the enviro-nuts and their fraudulent friends in academia that man is 99% of the overall problem.

I'll even grant you, with certain reservations, that man is 99% of the portion of the problem we understand. That is not the same as 99% of the overall problem and that difference is critical. Because if we go to great effort and expense and cut fossil fuel use in half tomorrow (regardless of how realistic that might be), we might see a 50% reduction in 1% of the overall problem. That's a horrible use of manpower and money, even if it would have all the enviro-nuts suffering from dehydration from all their orgasms.

The funny thing is that, by bringing all those lofty but largely unproven theories like Malovich Cycles and such into the picture, you've really demonstrated my exact point- there's a lot going on and we barely understand a sliver of it.

I still think you'd get much better results via population control. There's a lot of effect multipliers down that road that you don't get from simply plugging all the oil wells, but that's neither here nor there.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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