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Default L.A. Times Bans Climate Deniers - When Will the Rest of the Media Follow Suit?

October 24th, 2013, 21:36
Actually those theories have been proven. By examining ice cores, among other things.

Without a doubt it's complicated issue, but the partials with respect to fossil fuel burning have been proven to be huge compared to all the sources of uncompensated greenhouse gases (i.e. volcanics). If we wait until everything is perfectly understood, then we will wait forever and destroy the ecosystem, as well as possibly put Europe into a deep freeze, cause global coastal flooding, et cetera….

We will run out of fossil fuel eventually, we might as well wean ourselves off it in a controlled fashion rather than in a panic that only benefits greedy hoarders and speculators, rather than humanity and the planet. Waiting only serves the greedy.
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